A downloadable patch to repair and update GTAIV Liberty City


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Patches to help you enjoy the game more fully.

Here are four of the most recent Grand Theft Auto patches that were officially released by Rockstar Games. Use this list to help figure out which patch you need and which you may have. If you do not see the problems listed below on your game, then you probably do not need the patch(es).

GTA IV Patch (28.05.10)

Date: 03.02.2011

Filesize: 103.147 MB

The games makers fixed the bug that was causing the leaves on the trees to look transparent, and they fixed the bug that prevents the uploading of rendered videos to their Social Club whilst attaching certain musical tracks. The clip capture slowdowns that were occurring near the water's edge have also been remedied.

GTA IV Patch (13.04.10)

Date: 14.04.2010

Update was made for gamers in North America, Australia and Europe. People from Japan were told to install People from Russian were advised to install

They removed the Rockstar Games Social Club application and also made it so that a separate RGSC application was no longer needed to launch the game. The shadows were made to be less memory-intensive, plus they became better-looking and were given scalable shadow solutions. The night shadows were enhanced and there also came the option of user-selectable levels of detail.

They did a lot of rendering optimizations to improve gaming performance, which particularly included what people were able to choose when enabling shadows. They added user-configurable graphic settings and added for shadow control. They also worked on improved memory management.

GTA IV (PC) Patch 19.06.09 (v1.0.4.0)

Date: 20.06.2009

Filesize: 54.718 MB

This was just a maintenance update where resource management adjustments have been made because problems were detected on the operating system.

GTA IV (PC) Patch 21.03.09 (v1.0.3.0)

Date: 21.03.2009

Filesize: 54.289 MB

They added the software to work with Interior Lights for ATI 1900 series cards, so that all light sources appear for users with those cards, such as with the pool mini game. The ALT-TAB bug was also fixed.

To the menu, the options "OFF" for reflection quality and "OFF" for shadow quality were added. They also added in physics optimizations to improve situations with heavy physics calculations.


  • Fixes numerous issues


  • Can cause trouble if you don’t have them
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